Contestants are permitted to have one (1) personal artist during the pageant weekend. We will have designated areas for the stylists to provide their services before the preliminary competition on Saturday evening, the interview on Sunday morning, and the final competition on Sunday evening. Contestants are responsible for arranging their location/time before Friday’s registration.

The fee to use a hair/make-up artist is $250, which covers the artists’ workstation, chair, and electrical outlets. Artists are responsible for bringing their own supplies, extension cords, additional lighting, etc. Only one (1) artist is allowed backstage per contestant. The $250 does not cover the artist’s services. Should you choose this option, you will provide your own artist and any payment they receive will be negotiated by you and the artist. Contestants are responsible for booking and paying their artist individually.

IMPORTANT RULE NOTICE: Contestants must purchase a backstage pass to have an artist backstage. The artist must perform their services during the designated times and in the designated areas. Artists may not perform services in contestant’s hotel rooms, likewise, contestants may not have services done in artist’s rooms or leave the hotel at anytime. Should a contestant not purchase a pass, they are required to do their own hair and makeup. Due to pageant rules, family members are not allowed backstage. Therefore, the professional cannot be related to you. Disqualification will be applied if these competition rules are not followed. 

The following examples are allowed under the rules:

  • Contestant A hires an artist who is skilled in both hair and makeup (Artist X) and pays $250 for entry into the H&M area.
  • Contestant B hires an artist who is skilled in only hair (Artist Y) and pays $250 for entry into the H&M area.
  • Contestant C hires an artist who is skilled in only makeup (Artist Z) and pays $250 for entry into the H&M area.
  • Contestant D hires the same artist at Contestant A (Artist X) and pays $250 for entry into the H&M area.
  • Contestant B and Contestant C are friends and have communicated outside of Clemente Organization’s knowledge and have arranged who will register Artist Y and who will register Artist Z. Both Contestant B & Contestant C may use Artist Y and Artist Z. They do NOT have to pay a separate $250 for use of another contestant’s artist.
  • Even thought Artist X was already registered to Constant A, Contestant D still must pay the $250 H&M fee for entry into the H&M area.


Be sure to submit all required documents to acquire your artist pass:

  • Payment
  • Artist Information Form (below)
  • Artist Release Form

Artist will receive Backstage Pass lanyards and they will be given to contestants at Registration of Pageant Weekend in March ’24.

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